Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday 1/11/07

another annoying article in the nyt style section, "uncruel beauty". this one starts off with some lady saying that she eats less meat than she used too, but she's not yet ready to go vegan and stop carrying purses made of crocodile.

that's just annoying. don't get interviewed about being "uncruel" if you're not. and i'm wicked impressed that she eats less meat. who fucking cares.


the article then continues on to discuss green fashions, which is great, if you can afford it.

i just don't get why they interview these people who say they care about something, but are only half ass.

that being said, i'm not saying that i'm "eating less meat" (although i don't carry a crocodile purse), but i also don't get interviewed for these silly articles .


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