Thursday, April 12, 2007


A few years ago, Meghan Daum, an op-ed contributor to The Los Angeles Times, wrote about a promising first date with a man that never led to a second one because, she later learned, the guy saw that she drove a Subaru Outback station wagon and concluded she must be a lesbian.

colorado here we come.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

from the daily news.

catfight at The New York Times Friday still has staffers in shock.

The dustup between two female editors in the Styles department disrupted work on the Thursday and Sunday Styles sections as co-workers froze at the fracas.

Fashion editor Anita LeClerc was the aggressor and her superior, deputy editor Mary Ann Giordano, the victim, sources say.

The two had exchanged words just moments before, allegedly over turf, and LeClerc began stomping around the office, muttering loudly to herself. But when Giordano, a talented import from the Metro section, came over in a conciliatory way and tried to smooth things over, LeClerc made it physical.

"She shoved Mary Ann and pushed her, and Mary Ann said, 'Don't you touch me! Don't you touch me!'" says a source. "Mary Ann grabbed her wrists to try to stop her, and [LeClerc] just started flailing."

Top editor Trip Gabriel grabbed LeClerc and dragged the still-sputtering stylista into his office as Giordano followed.

"They were in there for a long time," reports a source. When they came out, Anita went back to her desk, but Mary Ann went out for a walk. She looked shaken."

The scrap at the newspaper could inspire jokes ("Pulitzers for Pugilism at the Black-and-Blue Lady?") but it's not funny, sources say. "Mary Ann is afraid now," says one. "She's a really nice woman, too. She keeps candy on her desk!"

That's why some at the respected broadsheet are baffled as to why no apparent disciplinary action has been taken against LeClerc. A Times spokeswoman did not answer questions about the slugfest, or disciplinary action, by deadline. Calls to LeClerc, Giordano and Gabriel were not returned.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday 3/25/07

Here's an article about ballet flats, and how in style they are. Great! Thanks for the news!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Tasty Tastemakers of the Runway

I'm not ever going to bother with this one.

Should you trust your makeup?


Supercharged with all the answers

At first, i thought this would be the first article i cared about. Yet i was immediately annoyed at the first paragraph which offers 3 questions i don't give a shit about:

WHAT was the first wild-card team to win a Super Bowl? Who was Nixon’s running mate when he lost to Kennedy? What was the best Broadway musical in 1995?

Vintage clothes with an eye on tomorrow

Yes, vintage. One of my favorite smells ever.

Babes in Label Land

Rural juror?

As the dust bunny moved, i drew

Dust annoys me too. I am a big fan of my dustbuster. Who fucking cares?

A new place to strong-arm givers: the gym

This would be annoying.

Keeping tabs on your fat

This may be something i'm into. if you haven't heard, my heart (the one with the hole in it) scored a 68/70 on some sort of heart test fuckers.

Whatever happened to Jane Fonda in tights?

i was so into my mom's video of this.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sharon Drager and Wyit Wright

This was a pretty touching story. At first I was quite happy that they found each other again and decided to marry. But again each offered too much information on their past. Utopian civilizations, 3 marriages, banging her friend, all things that made each look like tools. I also think she could do better than him.

# of Slices for happiness 3 out 5


No complaints.

Obviously I like the people who had a green wedding.

Kind of awesome.

"Once the trademark headwear of Yasir Arafat, and long associated with his Palestinian countrymen, the kaffiyeh has lately shown up on the shelves of adventurous boutiques in the United States and even mainstream retailers like Urban Outfitters."

Who cares?

Fuck 'em all.
that was definitely my first reaction.

Isiah Washington is probably an asshole.


Thursday, February 08, 2007


Today's discoveries:

Hey, there's a big fancy jewelry store in midtown called Tiffany's. Who knew?

Cold weather causes dry skin!

Coats that look like sleeping bags, may make you look fat!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunday 2/4/07


“Nothing really happens until the shows in Europe,” said Dani Stahl, the accessories director at Nylon magazine, with an eye roll. “Baby Phat is like the Prada of New York.”

What does that even mean?

Food blogs? Wow, how cutting edge.

Annoying and douchey:

“The energy in L.A. feels so amazing right now,” said Kim Hastreiter, an editor of Paper. “New York feels like a stagnant city that doesn’t have artists in it anymore, because the artists have to have trust funds to live here.” Not that a person with a trust fund, she added, can’t be good.


The couple have their traditions. Visiting Ms. Zohn in Los Angeles, Mr. Kutner packs a DVD burned with the latest episodes of their favorite shows, “The Office” and “Rome,” to watch together. “It’s a real hardship, because I have to close my ears at work around spoiler-happy colleagues,” Mr. Kutner said.

Douchey, again:

Sitting in his TriBeCa office one January evening, sporting a faux-hawk, a gray cashmere sweater and Adidas with a snakeskin pattern.

enough with the god damn faux-hawks, assholes.

Sounds like me:

Another $100 “tip” to the doorman at a sweaty dance club? Done that.