Monday, January 29, 2007

Weddings 1/28/07

Chris' reaction to this wedding announcement:

First of all I don’t trust anyone with an IV at the end of their name. Either he is from the south and loves Nascar oris from a pompous family with political aspirations.

Much to my delight he is actually both.

Apparently this guy was sick of hurting the feelings of all the woman he dated and yearned for a life long relationship. That is all great but they made him up to be an everyday guy but what guy drives a 36 Aston Martin on date to Chili’s, just camouflage for the fact he is a total douche.

When he found the illustrious Shannon he didn’t deem her worthy for a second date until 12 months later. The more I read the more of complete tool he seemed.I found the photo quite amusing as I doubt Shannon will see a sword like that again if you catch my drift.

The fact that as cute as she looked she hadn’t married by age 41 points out that she probably has a few bats in the cave as well. I am skeptical as to how long this will truly last and if they will produce a number V.


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