Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunday 2/4/07


“Nothing really happens until the shows in Europe,” said Dani Stahl, the accessories director at Nylon magazine, with an eye roll. “Baby Phat is like the Prada of New York.”

What does that even mean?

Food blogs? Wow, how cutting edge.

Annoying and douchey:

“The energy in L.A. feels so amazing right now,” said Kim Hastreiter, an editor of Paper. “New York feels like a stagnant city that doesn’t have artists in it anymore, because the artists have to have trust funds to live here.” Not that a person with a trust fund, she added, can’t be good.


The couple have their traditions. Visiting Ms. Zohn in Los Angeles, Mr. Kutner packs a DVD burned with the latest episodes of their favorite shows, “The Office” and “Rome,” to watch together. “It’s a real hardship, because I have to close my ears at work around spoiler-happy colleagues,” Mr. Kutner said.

Douchey, again:

Sitting in his TriBeCa office one January evening, sporting a faux-hawk, a gray cashmere sweater and Adidas with a snakeskin pattern.

enough with the god damn faux-hawks, assholes.

Sounds like me:

Another $100 “tip” to the doorman at a sweaty dance club? Done that.



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