Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday 1/14/07

the first article in the nyt styles section is absolutely retarded, "diamonds are for never?".

it's all these bourgeois women recognizing that diamond trade is awful, yet going out and buying them anyway. even if it's just a small one, cause that's okay, it's not like they're supporting the trade in a big way. the one woman who claims that she expects the jeweler to make sure the diamond is coming from a non-violent place is insane. she obviously doesn't really think this, but doesn't want to place the blame on herself.

diamonds are cliche, anyways. try being creative. and getting married is a waste of time.

and, a useless quote, from the styles section:

"Gift cards are like cellphones or handbags," said Shannelle Armstrong, a McDonald's spokeswoman. "They say a lot about the person who gives one to you."